Dance is not about the dancer, but about the One who created us to dance.



Trained 4 Excellence And Ministry

Within DANCE4HIM is a ministry called T.E.A.M. It was birthed out of a vision God gave Kim to have a group of dancers with a greater level of commitment, who desire to take dance “to the next level,” and want to use dance as a “mission” tool to bring Christ to others. To date, these kids have danced in public schools at assemblies and basketball games, cancer centers, at community events in the parks, the Boys & Girls Club, Churches, and have been to Dance Competitions.

The purpose for going to competitions is to bring the Love & Light of Christ to a mainly non-Christian audience. We use songs with strong Christian lyrics, in hopes of planting seeds in the hearts of many. We believe that God wants to use the Arts as another medium to presenting the Gospel. However, if we do not do so with Excellence, than we are just another “cheesy church group” that people ignore. The members of T.E.A.M. understand the importance of excellence, and are dedicated to their Art. It is through their commitment, and diligence to work hard in class week after week, even practicing when the studio is closed, that God is able to use them to gain people’s attention, and perhaps touch their hearts. What we do is not about gaining other’s approval, or proving ourselves to be “accomplished” dancers; but it is about gaining someone’s attention long enough to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.

Purpose: To go into this dark world, and be a light that cannot be hidden. To allow God’s glory to shine through us, that people will be drawn to Christ. (Matthew 5:14-16: Isaiah 60:1-3)

Goals: To be prepared to perform at any time, as doors may open for churches, community events, and yearly out of town competitions.DSC_5822


  • Humble heart & attitude
  • One year of dance with DANCE4HIM
  • Intermediate skill level
  • Attend summer classes
  • Willingness to attend extra practices
  • Willingness to travel & incur extra expenses, or fundraise for necessary monies.
  • Enroll in required number of classes in both ballet & jazz

Interested in someday being a part of the T.E.A.M.? Speak to Kim. Membership is on an audition or invitation basis only. (Be aware that taking both ballet & jazz is a good first step in that process.)

Interested in supporting T.E.A.M.? Look for Fundraiser announcements like our annual Yard Sale each summer. (We appreciate donations that we can sell. This year’s will be on August 23th at the Studio Parking lot bring donations by office.) We also welcome and appreciate money donations.

Interested in scheduling T.E.A.M. for your church or organization? Call Kim to check availability.

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