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Children’s TEAM


WE are excited to let you know about our NEW CHILDREN TEAMS that will be formed this year. The purpose is to offer more intense training the future of Dance4Him! We understand the value of training the more focused and serious dancers at a younger age and give them more opportunities for growth, so that once they reach the TEAM Level, they can excel even more. Our TEAM members, who are basically trained at a Pre Professional level, have been accepted to and participated in programs such as the Ballet Repertory Theatre on NM, Cincinnati Ballet, State Street Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, and the American Ballet Theatre. The sooner dancers start, the more opportunities they could have if they so desire.


The CHILDREN TEAM will be open to dancers Level A, B, & C. They will have an 8-10 week Audition period where they will attend rehearsals on Fridays to work on additional skills and additional dances, and can expect first cuts to be made after the first 4 weeks. Any level A, B, or C dancer may come for those 8-10 weeks so long as they are focused and work hard. At the end of October we will hold auditions in both choreography and technique, and final cuts will be made, to see who will be on the CHILDREN TEAM for the rest of the year. Those that are accepted will be given additional opportunities to perform for the remainder of the school year, and will continue with the Friday Rehearsals throughout the school year. Opportunities will vary from year to year.



*CHILDREN TEAM Dancers are required to take CORE Ballet, Jazz, & choreography class, an additional Ballet Tec class, and TEAM rehearsals on FRIDAYS. Tap, Hip Hop, and additional ballet tec classes are optional. Children’s TEAM will pay regular Tuition Fees, plus an additional $25/Month TEAM fee throughout the audition process, and for as long as they are on TEAM.

*CHILDREN’S TEAM MEMBERS will have opportunity to participate in additional performance opportunities which may include any of the following: Community Events, Charities, possibly Competitions, etc CHILDREN TEAM MEMBERS will need to AUDITION for all extra opportunities. Parents should expect extra expenses to be involved in some of these opportunities, such as additional costumes, shoes, shorts, t-shirts, leotards, travel expenses, etc….


DANCE EXPECTATIONS: *CHILDREN TEAM Members are expected to give 100%, without excuse, every time they are in the studio. They must be quiet and attentive. Laziness is not tolerated, and members will be called out openly, or spoken to privately, for any infraction in this area. TEAM Members are expected to excel in their skills, and will be corrected repeatedly, if necessary. We are much softer on non-Team, but we will push TEAM to be their very best. Dancers that cannot handle being corrected and pushed to their physical limits are not ready to be part of a TEAM. Members who have excessive absences, sit out frequently for sickness or injury, do not know dances, cannot execute dances properly, and are falling behind in their skills, will not be allowed to perform certain dances.

TEAM MEMBERS that make a commitment to a performance of any kind, and back out for any reason other then a death in family, injury, or severe sickness, will be placed on Probation for remainder of semester and following semester, and will not be permitted to participate in ANY extra TEAM Opportunities.


TIME: TEAM members must make dance their priority, & make every effort to work their other activities around their dance schedule. Members will often have rehearsals during breaks when the studio is closed. Communicating your scheduling conflicts with Miss Kim is essential! TEAM is for the dancer who can’t get enough of the studio!



*TEAM members are humble, and view it as just another way to serve The Lord.

*TEAM members never roll their eyes or sigh when given instruction. They WANT to improve.

*TEAM members never get frustrated when they are made to redo something…their heart is to work until it is correct.

*TEAM members never correct or criticize their teammates or other dancer in or out of our studio.

*TEAM members are willing to put themselves to the ultimate test, knowing that it is all for the Glory of God, and they want to be used by Him. They dance for an audience of ONE: JESUS.

*TEAM members do not compete against one another…instead they rejoice with one another, and help one another.

*TEAM Members love & support one another like a family, both in and out of the studio.

*TEAM members, and/or parents, are responsible to check emails and know when extra rehearsals are…because it is their priority, they know when & where to be.

*TEAM members are willing to, and want to, take all Summer classes at their level when in town. They do not view the summer as a time to take off, but instead a time to grow in their dance. Anyone unable or unwilling to take summer classes will not be eligible to participate in non Studio opportunities & performances.

*TEAM members do not ask, “What do I have to take?” Instead, they ask, “What can I take?






*do not grumble & complain about extra rehearsals. They see the big picture & are glad to be part of it.

*do not grumble and complain about additional money needed… they are either prepared to pay it, or they organize fundraisers, and raise the money.

*pray for what we are doing, and look for opportunities to help and serve.

*are not angry when their child is not allowed to perform in a dance for lack of ability, or missing rehearsals, because they understood the commitment before they joined.

*understand that the number of opportunities provided for TEAMS is related to willingness of parents to help out & serve.



ALL CHILDREN TEAM dancers are required to follow Dress Code. Those who find it difficult to follow this Dress Code will be dismissed from TEAM opportunities. CLOTHING: You may wear Unitards, shorts, skirts, tights, leotard, Tight Camisole or Tank Top…straps may not be more than 1 inch on shoulder. NO pants. NO T-shirts. NO loose tops. The above may ONLY be in the color of Black, however, tights may be NUDE or PINK.   HAIR: pulled up, off face, & NO Pony Tails. (DRESS CODE is for ALL Ballet Classes, Ballet Tec Classes, Jazz, & choreography…other colors/clothes permitted for Tap & Hip Hop.)


Please call Miss Kim @ 505-402-9112 if you have any questions about our new CHILDREN TEAM Program.


If you want your child to participate in the Audition Process beginning in August, 2016, then sign up in office or contact Miss Kim.

When signing up, please include:

Your name,

Your child’s name,

Best PHONE NUMBER to contact you and let us know if it’s OK to TEXT,

Best EMAIL address that you regularly check.


We are looking forward to this newest ADVENTURE at D4H!


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