Dance is not about the dancer, but about the One who created us to dance.

Policies & Procedures

cropped-DSC_4870WebWeb.jpgDANCE4HIM desires to put Christ first in everything we do, and we see this studio as a ministry. We believe that as Christians we should strive for excellence in every area. In an attempt for excellence, in fairness to all families, and to avoid problems we have had in the past, we ask that you read and abide by these Policies & Procedures. We serve a God of order, and we desire to operate Dance4Him with order. Thank you for your cooperation.

    1. All students and their parent/guardian must read these policies, and sign a registration/release form BEFORE participation will be allowed. “Guest” participation permitted only with a signed release form.
    2. Open Enrollment is from May through February 1 of each year. However, students enrolling after Sept. 30 will NOT be eligible for the December show, and those who enroll after January 15 may be eligible for the May Show.
    3. TUITION is due the 1st week of each month. Please put dancer’s name in the “memo” section of checks, and leave it in the office, or mail it to: 1009 N Monterey Farmington, NM 87401. Cash or checks, made out to Dance4Him, are accepted. We are not set up to receive Credit card payments. In the event of a returned check, you will be assessed the same fees D4H incurred from the bank.

August, December, & May are the only prorated months. August & December tuition should be paid at the beginning of the year. Tuition will NOT be prorated for any other month, for any reason, including sickness, vacations, weather, or scheduled studio closures. The week following a studio closure, dancers are welcome to take a level appropriate make-up class.

ALL Registration fees, first month tuition, costumes fees, and recital fees are NON REFUNDABLE.

Children ages 8 and under will not be released to the parking lot. Parents need to come in to retrieve their child.

  1. DANCE4HIM is not responsible for children outside of class; before or after their scheduled class time.
  2. Students should be picked up promptly after class. A $5 fee for every 10 minutes you are late may be assessed. Please notify us @ 505-402-9112 if you find yourself running late.
  3. **RECITALS** Please make attendance & promptness a priority throughout the year. Recitals are always optional, but if you desire to participate in the recitals, be aware that attendance is mandatory 4 weeks prior to the show. Dress rehearsals are also mandatory. To ensure a recital of excellence, anyone who misses 2 practices in the 8 weeks prior to the show, may be dismissed from the recital.
  4. D4H offers 3 Shows each year open for participation. The December show, “The Dream,” requires a $45/family recital fee, minimal costume expense (such as tights, leotard, pants, etc….D4H owns & provides most of the costumes), and each class performs 1 dance. The May Show, also requires a $45/family recital fee, has a $55-$65 Costume fee/Class, and each class performs 2 dances….with the exception of Hip Hop, Tap, & Pointe, which often only perform 1 dance. May tuition must be paid with April’s Tuition, and dancers who have not paid May tuition and/or the Recital Fee may be dismissed from Recital without refund of any monies paid for costumes, etc… Our 3rd show of the year, “At The Palace,” is a Summer Production which has minimal costume expense and minimal recital fee expense.
  5. Class placement is at the discretion of D4H staff. Participation in DWAM (Dance With a Mission), is on an invitation basis only. Please address any questions or concerns, in private, to Miss Kim. We will not discuss another child’s placement with you, but would be happy to discuss your child’s placement. Dance4Him reserves the right to cancel any class that has less that 5 paying students enrolled, and to change the schedule as needed.
  6. Students and/or parents are responsible for receiving current D4H NEWS & NOTICES on our website,, or posted in the studio lobby.
  7. All dancers should use the BATHROOM prior to class beginning. D4H staff will not prohibit any student from using the bathroom during class, however, it is a great distraction to the structure of class time. (Consider the fact that younger dancers have just 45 minutes for class, and we want to make the most of that time. Parents, please help us by encouraging your dancer to use the bathroom before entering class.)
  8. We encourage dancers to drink water, and they should bring WATER BOTTLES into class with them. No other beverages are allowed in studio or at theatre during recital times. D4H sells bottled water for $1 each. Ask in office.
  9. Parents are not permitted to sit in studio beyond 1st class taken. Thereafter, parents may watch through window in waiting room, and will be invited in occasionally to watch classes. Family members visiting from out of town are always welcome to come into class to quietly observe, and parents are also welcome to come in to studio to video choreography so their dancer may practice at home.
  10. Students are expected to work hard, respect instructors & fellow students, not use critical speech, roll eyes, or display other disrespectful behavior. In the unlikely event that a dancer does so, they will be asked to sit out of class.
  11. NO running, yelling, roughhousing, or chewing gum in studio or waiting room.
  12. Please do NOT bring pets into the studio, out of consideration for those who suffer from allergies.
  13. Dance4Him reserves the right to dismiss any student or parent from the studio. Any student who chooses to leave D4H, or is dismissed from D4H, will NOT be refunded any money already paid for any reason. Please call the office to notify us if your child decides to not continue in the middle of any season.
  14. Dance for HIM with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength!


Please try to have a sense of modesty and be considerate when the opposite sex is in the studio. Please use a “cover up” before and after class. For the safety of students, instructors, and our dance floor, the dress code will be enforced.

  • NO zippers, buckles, or street shoes.
  • NO hanging jewelry (Stud earrings are permitted)
  • LEOTARDS and Dance SHOES must be worn at all times.
  • Hair should be neatly pulled up, off of face, and bun is preferred. Long ponytails should be secured so that it does not hit dancer in face and hinder proper movement.
  • Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4 may ONLY wear BLACK dancewear, including leotard, shorts, etc….tights may be nude or pink.
  • Other classes have choice of colors.
  • TIGHT Camisoles or tank tops may be worn over leotards but T-shirts are NOT allowed!
  • Shorts are permitted over leotards, but NO pants for ballet or Jazz. Knees must be seen! (Pants are only allowed for Tap & Hip Hop)
  • Pink Ballet, either leather or canvas, for ballet class.
  • Black Split-Sole Jazz shoe required for Jazz Class.
  • Clean pair of black or white street shoe, or a jazz shoe required for Hip Hop.
  • Black Tap shoe required for Tap.
  • GENTLEMEN: For Ballet, Shorts must be worn, so we can see the knees, Under Armour, and black ballet shoes, or black jazz shoes are appropriate.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing all dance shoes, dress code items, and any extra accessories needed for performances.
  • Dance4Him offers the “DANCER’S BOUTIQUE” in the office at the studio, for all your basic dancewear needs. If we do not have in stock what you need, we can order and have it delivered in 1 week. We thank you for your business.


Monday/Wednesday 2:30 – 6:00

Tuesday/Thursday 3:00 – 6:00


Thank you for choosing Dance4Him. We are happy to know you and to work with your child. Our desire is for every child to succeed and excel to whatever level they desire. We are happy to answer any of your questions, and to help you any way we can.

Kim Cumiford & Dance4Him Staff

505-402-9112 / 505-327-9882

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